About Us

Welcome to Ramsmukh Das Inter College, Kohadawal Road Near Patel Chauraha {Kapiya} Nichlaul-Maharajganj. It is an English and Hindi medium college. It is established and governed by “Star Human Social and Environment Society”. We actively groom students. We motivate them to participate and go in the field they are interested in and boost their cooperation and morale and we develop them as intelligent, aware and responsible citizens of the country.
Ramsamukh Das Inter College is one of the best college in Nichlaul. It offers a quality education to its students and provides them opportunities to develop their skills. The college has a strong focus on academic and offers a variety of courses that are perfect for students. The teachers are highly qualified and provide support and guidance to the students. The college also offers a variety of extracurricular activities that help students develop their skills and talents. Overall R.S.D.I.C is an excellent choice for students in Nichlaul.